In the last 16 years of service in Forsyth County, Mentor Me has made a lasting impact in the community. 

  • We have served over 2,900 children since founding in 2002

  • Kick-It-Up Clubs that started in 2008 with 4 clubs has grown to 16 clubs in Forsyth County middle and high schools

  • Over 575 children have learned or improved reading skills and bonded with mentors in our REACH program that started in 2009

  • Our One-On-One Mentoring program has matched over 400 mentors and mentees

  • New programs and enrichment opportunities added to offer more opportunities for children to receive the positive support and benefits of mentoring



Dollars Raised

The generous support of idividuals and businesses allows us to provide mentoring opportunities for young people.



Years Serving forsyth county

Since our early days we have focused on serving children and youth in our community to help them grow up to be healthy, strong, productive members of society.



children Impacted in 2018

Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, we were able to connect 789 young people to psoitive role models and trusted adults in 2018.

We serve school age children and youth by providing professionally supported mentoring relationships with approved volunteers.  Children in our one-to-one mentoring program are predominantly from single parent homes, or are living with grandparents or foster parents. In recent years, many of our children have parents who are in jail, have substance abuse issues, or have recently in the past.

Children come to us through referrals from school counselors, from other social service agencies and through parents and guardians who wish to provide their child with a mentor.   We recruit caring adults to become mentors and matches the adults to the children in our One-on-One program based upon common interests.  Mentors commit to having weekly contact with the child for a minimum of one year, although the majority extends the relationship for several years.  Mentors are strictly volunteers and receive no compensation for their activities.  Our professional case managers train volunteers and offer ongoing support to them, the children and their families.  This support has been key to helping  mentors work with their students beyond the one year commitment, and on average, our Mentor/Mentee “matches” stay together for 2.8 years.

National mentoring research shows that children who are involved in one-to-one mentoring programs such as ours are less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs, start drinking underage, skip a day of school, hit someone in anger; and that mentored girls are less likely than other girls to become pregnant.

Additionally, our surveys show that children in our One-to-One mentoring program are:

  • 89% improved behavior

  • 64% do better in school

  • 85% get along better with peers

  • 76% more confident

However, One-to-One mentoring is not always the best fit for our children or volunteers.  As a small organization, we have the flexibility to adapt our programs and processes based on what our students and community need, and have developed a variety of other programs to meet those needs: 
In our REACH after school reading and homework help program, we are helping elementary school age children, primarily for our Hispanic community, with homework and orienting them to positive social norms that will help them be successful in school.  We know that with a good foundation, children will be more likely to do well in school and to stay in school and graduate, thus contributing to increased graduation rates in our school system and a stronger community overall.  In this program, children are matched with an approved volunteer who spends one hour per week with the child in a one-on-one relationship.  Our program results show that 50% of the children enrolled finished the school year reading at grade level, compared to only 15% at the start of the year.  Equally important, 95% of them passed their grade.

Our Kick it Up Clubs have brought new meaning to the concept of “career day”.  While we help students discover potential jobs and career fields it is about so much more than that.  We are helping young people build connections to community leaders who are positive role models, who can guide them and share their wealth of experience, and open doors for them.  They practice communication skills and develop other tools that build up their confidence. We serve 16 different middle and high schools, connecting mentors to over 500 students each school year.  Their mentoring works too, and despite other challenges 88% are on track to graduate on time, vs. 70% of their peers.

Our newest program, FASTER, seeks to support promising students on their path to college.  This pilot program has 10 students involved who will be the first in their families to attend college.  Mentors work with a group at a partnering school and meet with their students twice a month during the school day to help coach and guide them throughout their high school careers.

Forsyth county is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, and as our community grows, so do the numbers of referrals we receive to provide mentors for children.  Consider becoming a Mentor, and Be Someone Who Matters, to Someone Who Matters.